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Note: If you want to speak to me…please send US$495 initial consultation fee to me via Western Union “oficina chilexpress vitacura” Santiago, Chile. Only call or leave a message after doing so! Reasonable daily fee charged in country. How I have helped others: (A) Obtaining visas and permanent residency status. (B) Advice on financial situations. (C) Advice on allocating assets. (D) Selecting the right place in Chile to live. (E) Personal translation and travel companionship. (F) Completion of real estate transactions in Chile. (G) Business and retirement planning as an ex-pat. (H) Brainstorming. (I) Overseas shipping. (J) Finding low-tax living. I am a professor, business consultant, financial planner, international lecturer on economics and public policy topics, and author and columnist. I have traveled to 51 countries. I have lived in Chile for about 8 years, having traveled to every part of it. I speak Spanish. I hold a PhD in Public Policy and an MA in Economics from George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA. I hold a MA in Business Economics from the Univ. of California Santa Barbara. I have written 5 books and numerous columns/articles (see

Temporary Visa Fees

As of June 10, 2014, the Chilean government has posted the fees charged to those that apply for a temporary resident visa for retirees on a pension or real estate and stock/bond investors. The fee varies widely by country, ranging from nothing to US$1,387. Applicants from countries that have no fee charges (US$0) include the […]

John Cobin, Ph.D., Chile Consultant

I am delighted that you are interested in coming to Chile and making it your new home. Chile is a great place to live, from its First World and beautifully-treed capital, Santiago, to its world-class beach areas, to its provincial towns and spectacular landscapes.¬†Chile is relatively inexpensive, has a wonderful¬†climate in its mid section, with […]