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Temporary Visa Fees

As of June 10, 2014, the Chilean government has posted the fees charged to those that apply for a temporary resident visa for retirees on a pension or real estate and stock/bond investors. The fee varies widely by country, ranging from nothing to US$1,387.

Applicants from countries that have no fee charges (US$0) include the United States, Granada, Ireland, Israel, Mauritius, Montenegro, Serbia, Palau, Palestine, Vatican City, Tonga, Tunis and Tuvalu.

Applicants from countries that have very low fee charges (US$27 or less) include Antigua and Barbados, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Botswana, Egypt, Haiti, Hong Kong, Libya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Macao, Morocco, Mauritania, Monaco, Nepal, Syria and Swaziland.

Applicants from most other countries (141 by quick count) will pay between US$30 to US$200, including Canada (US$143), France (US$128), Spain (US$65), Argentina (US$100), Brazil (US$100), Ecuador (US$200), India (US$114), Japan (US$77) and Italy (US$157).

However, some applicants get stung a lot harder, especially the UK (US$1,387), New Zealand (US$1,315), but also Belize (US$625), Tanzania (US$600), Saint Vincent and Grenadines (US$590), Finland (US$569), Norway (US$500) and Turkmenistan (US$500).

Others that get hit a bit harder are Australia (US$380), Azerbaijan (US$250), Belgium (US$236), Belarus (US$270), Bolivia (US$283), Costa Rica (US$300), Denmark (US$216), Dominica (US$295), Philippines (US$305), Kenya (US$385), Mexico (US$286), Nicaragua (US$267), Holland (US$306), Papua New Guinea (US$220), Paraguay (US$312), Western Samoa (US$250), San Cristobal and Nevis (US$225), Santa Lucia (US$280), Sweden (US$212), Uzbekistan (US$250) and Vanuatu (US$280).

Do not ask me why this is the case, but I am sure that Chile has some reasoning, probably based on reciprocity (i.e., the way Chileans get treated in these countries).

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